MACH 2 Version 2 is now out.

By | September 10, 2013

WiFi Antenna ‘Mach 2’ V.2 Biquad Cantenna Dish Wireless Booster Long Range GET FREE INTERNET

Only BiQuad antenna inside Plastic Enclosure will be included.



Mach 2 V2



Auction Includes: 1 (One) BiQuad Antenna with N Female connector inside plastic enclosure.Please note the enclosure is not waterproof but can be easily sealed with silicon once deployed. If you need cable CLICK HERE for all types (you will need cable to get this to work). 

If you need connectors CLICK HERE for all sizes and types (you will need RF connectors to get this to work).

If you need Stand Alone Double BiQuad CLICK HERE for our Double BiQuad Model ‘Mach 1’. 

If you need Stand Alone BiQuad CLICK HERE for our Dish BiQuad Model ‘Mach 3’

To view our full line of BiQuad antennas CLICK HERE.

  • New design which resulted in 25% more gain. This antenna now rates over 14dBi as stand alone and can easily reach 27-35dBi once deployed together with Satellite (not included in this auction).
  • Build your very own WiFi Biquad Dish antenna. You must use your own Dish Satellite Panel as it is not included in this auction.
  • This Bi Quad Antenna is specifically made to be mounted on to Dish Satellite Panel (Mounting Bracket is not included).
  • Comes ready for deployment in Plastic Enclosure (needs to be sealed with silicone once deployed).
  • Dimensions 110mm X 110mm for optimum performance.
  • We will provide instructions upon demand.
  • You will get one BiQuad antenna in plastic enclosure only as seen on the picture and nothing else.
  • E-mail me with any questions you might have about the antenna.
  • The picture is exactly what you will get and nothing else.
  • If you are not sure what you will need for this to work please contact us any time.

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